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Motor Magnets, Arc/Segment Magnets
for Electric Motors, PM Motors and Generators

ChenYang Technologies GmbH & Co. KG supplies all kinds of motor magnets (NdFeB, Hard Ferrite, bonded NdFeB and Alnico magnets) for specified applications to different electric motors, PM motors and generators in the electrical engineering and electric vehicles etc. These magnets can be made with high iHc materials to match special motor applications. They are consistency for torque performance and ground to meet high precision and concentric requirements. The following table help you find the optimal magnet material for your motor magnets.


Magnetic Material Hard Ferrite Bonded NdFeB NdFeB Material
Max. Energieprodukt B×H max (MGOe) 0.8 ~ 5.1 5.0 ~ 14.0 28 ~ 51
Remanenz (kGs) 2.0 ~ 4.6 5.2 ~ 8.6 10.2 ~ 14.5
Intrinsic Coercivity iHc (kOe) 1.6 ~ 5.0 8.0 ~ 12.8 11 ~ 30
Curie Temperature (C) 460 310 ~ 350 310 ~ 370
Maximum Operating Temperature (C) 250 110 ~ 150 80 ~ 200
Temperature Coefficient of Br (%/C) -0.18 ~ -0.2 -0.075 ~ -0.13 -0.12 ~ -0.10
Temperature Coefficient of iHc (%/C) 0.2 ~ 0.5 - -0.6

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