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Preparing Your Inquiry of Permanent Magnets

ChenYang-Magnetics specializes in manufacturing and providing permanent magnets according to customers' specifications. In order to supply you the right and optimal products at favourable prices, we ask you for providing us with as much information as possible about your magnets. The following points should be needed.

  • Permanent magnet material (NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico, hard ferrite...),
  • Material grade or magnetic properties, such as (BH)max, Br, coercivity iHc and bHc...
  • Sizes, shapes, and tolerances (send drawings if possible),
  • Magnetization direction,
  • Coatings on surface (for NdFeB Magnets),
  • Maximium working temperarture,
  • Quantity (Annual quantity, samples quantity...),
  • Other requirements (target prices, packing method, delivery time...)

Once we have such information, we will send you a price quotation with delivery period. The delivery time is normally 3-4 weeks. Only our standard magnets are deliverable immediately. You could shop around to be sure you get the best price from us for the high quality permanent magnets you need.

Quotation Request Form

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