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How to Choose Permanent Magnet Materials

Each permanent magnet material has its own properties and construction. How to choose the right one for specific applications is a challenge to all users. A balance between cost and performance must be considered in selecting of permanent magnet materials. Reference books may be helpful to you in designing and selecting permanent magnet materials. Following table shows a comparison of important parameters to help you select optimal permanent magnet materials for your applications.

Material Cost Index Maximum Energy Product (BH)max (MGOe) Coercivity Hci (KOe) Maximum Working Temperature (C) Machinability
NdFeB (sintered) 65% up to 45 up to 30 180 Fair
NdFeB (bonded) 50% up to 10 up to 11 150 Good
SmCo (sintered) 100% up to 30 up to 25 350 Difficult
SmCo (bonded) 85% up to 12 up to 10 150 Fair
Alnico 30% up to 10 up to 2 550 Difficult
Hard Ferrite 5% up to 4 up to 3 300 Fair
Flexible 2% up to 2 up to 3 100 Excellent

Note: The data listed in the table are for reference only.
The temperature coefficient of remanence is inversely proportional to the maximum working temperature.

Information on Rare Earth Permanent Magnets
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